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Polycom Soundstation 2 expandable 2200-16200-102

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We will provide you with a quick, fair and free of charge quotation for your Used Polycom Soundstation 2  expandable Phones that might be together with phone systems, cards, switches and any other equipment you may wish to sell. Our experts continually monitor current secondary market values for all Telecoms assets, to guarantee fair and accurate quotes for all customers. When the quote is ready you can send the goods to us or, alternatively, we can arrange for a quick pick up of the unwanted kit ensuring the immediate payment. FOR  A LARGER QUANTITY OF ITEMS WE CAN ARRANGE PICK UP FROM  EUROPE AND USA – PLEASE CONTACT FOR QUOTE.

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Polycom soundstation 2 expandable kit

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Soundstation 2 expandable Conference Telephone Part number ?


What is Polycom Soundstation 2 Expandable Phone ?

Polycom Soundstation 2 expandable belongs to a new generation of conference phones, which provide the highest standard for business conferencing. User friendly and easy to operate, the phone offers a multitude of remarkable features such as a large backlit screen displaying easily visible call information and phone functions along with conventional telephone features like transfer, hold redial, and mute. Furthermore, Polycom Soundstation 2 expandable guarantees superior voice quality as well as clarity from up to 10′ away making every call far more productive. Additionally, the Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR) technology delivers maximum microphone sensitivity and reduces background noises. With cutting-edge full duplex providing natural and simultaneous two-way conversations, the phone will bring every user immense satisfaction, enhance quality and increase productivity of conference calls.

Polycom Soundstation 2 expandable Features

  • first-rate, user-friendly phone which is easy to operate and install
  • large (132×65 pixels), backlit graphical display delivering a convenient and easy access to essential call information
  • 12-key telephone keypad equipped with function buttons such as menu navigation, conference, flash, hold, mute well as volume up/down
  • 3 context sensitive soft-keys
  • the phone guarantees interactive and natural two-way conversations (full duplex)
  • three cardioid microphones with 360-degree coverage enabling every user to be clearly heard
  • 10 foot microphone pickup range
  • Intelligent microphone mixing allowing automatic selection of the microphone closest to the speaker, reducing extraneous background noises
  • Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR) technology allows clearer sound and more efficient conferencing by eliminating background noises (e.g. from projectors, fans, heating and air conditioning)
  • Auxiliary Input/Output Jacks offer connection to other communication devices like mobile phones or hands-free conferencing
  • Caller ID
  • A wide array of selectable personalised ring patterns
  • Phone Directory storing up to 25 names and numbers
  • visual Ring Indicator
  • suitable for up to 18 users
  • Message Waiting Indicator
  • Multi-lingual user interface supporting such languages as English, German, Italian, French, Norwegian, Spanish and Portuguese
  • On-hook Dialling

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We will pay you best price for your used Polycom phones . Just contact us today to sell your used Polycom phone systems in good working condition. You can fill the contact form provided below, or you can leave us your telephone number and we will call you back.After the quote is agreed we can arrange for a quick pick up of the unwanted kit, and ensure immediate payment. We can collect UK & Worldwide and absorb Shipping costs
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List of handsets associated to the Polycom Soundstation 2  expandable Phone

expandable polycom soundstation 2
1668-40122-001 Polycom Conference Unit Power Injector
2200-06325-102 Polycom Soundpoint Pro Se-225
2200-06640-001 Polycom Soundstation Ip 4000 Conference Phone
2200-07242-001 Polycom Soundstation Vtx1000 Subwoofer
2200-07880-102 Polycom Soundstation 2w
2200-08894-001 Polycom Viewstation Quad Bri Isdn External Interface Module
2200-11331-122 Polycom Soundpoint Ip 301 Sip
2200-11341-122 Polycom Soundpoint Ip 301 Sip
2200-11531-001 Polycom Soundpoint Ip 501 Sip
2200-11700-025 Polycom Assy,Top,Spip Expansion Module
2200-12320-025 Polycom Soundpoint Ip 320 Sip
2200-12330-015 Polycom Soundpoint Ip 330 Sip
2200-12360-025 Polycom Soundpoint Ip 321 Sip
2200-12360-045 Polycom Soundpoint Ip 321 Sip
2200-12365-025 Polycom Soundpoint Ip 331 Sip
2200-12375-001 Polycom Soundpoint Ip 335 Sip
2200-12375-025 Polycom Soundpoint Ip 335 Sip
2200-12430-015 Polycom Soundpoint Ip 430 Sip
2200-12450-001 Polycom Soundpoint Ip 450 Sip
2200-12450-025 Polycom Soundpoint Ip 450 Sip
2200-12560-001 Polycom Soundpoint Ip 560 Sip
2200-12670-122 Polycom Soundpoint Ip 670 Sip
2200-16000-001 Polycom Soundstation 2 Non Expandable
2200-16155-015 Polycom Soundstation 2 External Mics
2200-16200-102 Polycom Soundstation 2 Expandable
2200-19000-001 Polycom Soundstation Duo
2200-31000-025 Polycom Cx200 Usb Desktop Telephone
2200-31400-025 Polycom Cx700 Ip Telephone
2200-32500-025 Polycom Cx300 Usb Desktop Telephone
2200-40040-001 Polycom Ex-Microphone Kit
2200-42740-025 Polycom Assy,Pwr Kit, Psu+Pic,Ssip600
2200-44300-025 Polycom Cx500 Usb Desktop Telephone
2201-00450-901 Polycom Universal Power Module For Ac4600
2201-00698-002 Polycom Soundstation Microphone Kit
2201-01900-001 Polycom Soundstation Premier
2201-02138-001 Polycom Soundstation Premier Microphone Kit
2201-02601-101 Polycom Soundstation Premier Satellite
2201-03308-103 Polycom Soundstation Ip Conference Phone
2201-03308-901 Polycom Ac4600 Ip Conference Phone
2201-06415-602 Polycom Soundstation 2 Direct Connect Interface Module
2201-06415-604 Polycom Soundstation 2 Direct Connect Interface Module
2201-06846-001 Polycom Voicestation 100
2201-06861-013 Polycom Universal Module For Voicestation 100
2201-07142-001 Polycom Soundstation Vtx1000
2201-07155-001 Polycom Soundstation Vtx1000 External Microphones
2201-07156-002 Polycom Soundstation Vtx Universal Module
2201-07156-602 Polycom Soundstation Vtx Universal Module
2201-11500-001 Polycom Soundpoint Ip 500 Sip
2201-11501-001 Polycom Soundpoint Ip 501 Sip
2201-12330-001 Polycom Soundpoint Ip 330 Sip
2201-12630-001 Polycom Soundpoint Ip 650 Sip
2201-15100-601 Polycom Soundstation 2 Non Expandable W/O Display
2201-15600-001 Polycom Soundstation Ip 6000 Conference Phone
2201-15942-001 Polycom Cx600 Ip Telephone
2201-16050-122 Polycom Soundstation 2 Universal Module
2201-16050-602 Polycom Soundstation 2 Universal Module
2201-16050-622 Polycom Soundstation 2 Universal Module
2201-16200-601 Polycom Soundstation 2 Expandable
2201-17050-622 Polycom Voicestation 300/500 Universal Module
2201-17120-601 Polycom Soundstation 2 Direct Connect
2201-17910-001 Polycom Voicestation 300
2201-19000-001 Polycom Soundstation Duo Conference Telephone
2201-19300-001 Polycom Soundstation Ip Multi-Interface Module
2201-30900-001 Polycom Soundstation Ip 5000 Conference Phone
2201-40040-001 Polycom Soundstation Ip 7000 Extended Microphone
2201-67800-101 Polycom Soundstation 2w Expandable
2201-67810-101 Polycom Soundstation 2w Dect
2201-67840-101 Polycom Soundstsation 2w Microphone Kit
2201-67880-101 Polycom Soundstation 2w
2202-35003-001 Polycom Soundstructure Tel1 Interface Plug In Card
2215-44340-102 Polycom Assy,Pwr Kit, 24v/2kv Uk